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 Gateway Wireless Controller fails to manage AP120 and AP320 after upgrade to 8.8.1-101

Products: Firebox Cloud
Operating System: Wi-Fi Cloud
Issue Status: Resolved
Tracking ID: AP-622
Status: Resolved
Resolved In: 8.8.3-12
If your AP120 or AP320 device has a tagged VLAN interface for management, Gateway Wireless Controller will fail to connect to the device after you upgrade the AP firmware to v8.8.1-101. The AP device will not have a working network configuration.
This issue is resolved in AP firmware 8.8.3-12 released June 5 2020.

This issue does not occur with an untagged VLAN interface for management. To change the AP configuration, you must reset the AP device and allow the Gateway Wireless Controller to discover it and apply the new configuration. For instructions, see 
Reset a WatchGuard AP.

If an untagged VLAN is not a good long-term solution for your network, you can downgrade the AP device to v8.6.0-646. For more information on how to manage which firmware your AP devices use, see Update AP Firmware on the Gateway Wireless Controller.