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 TDR Host Sensor might cause OS crashes in Scale Computing HyperCore environments

Products: TDR
Operating System: TDR
Issue Status: Open
Tracking ID: GPD-38973
Status: Open
Resolved In:
If you deploy a TDR Host Sensor to a virtualized Windows system hosted by a Scale Computing HyperCore environment, the TDR network driver might cause the Windows OS to crash.

The TDR Host Sensor will not load the network driver if you disable these functions on a global level:

§  Allow Host Sensors to Cache Process Connection Metadata

§  Enable Kernel Host Containment Action

For instructions, see Configure TDR Host Sensor Settings.

For environments with mixed virtual and physical computers, WatchGuard recommends you create a Host Sensor group for the physical computers, and override the Host Sensor settings to re-enable these settings.